The Benefits of becoming a Local 292 Contractor

Sheet Metal Workers Local 292 provides clients throughout Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, St. Clair and Sanilac Counties with highly-trained, high-quality craftsmen. Our objective is to help our contractors and our members prosper by providing the most productive, cost-effective, quality-minded workforce available anywhere. This objective is our commitment as a business organization serving a constructive role for this industry and your business.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 292 has 500 active members based in and around Southeast Michigan available for short and long-term employment. These craftsmen will meet and exceed all expectations as far as skills, attitude, and productivity – of which you will be the sole judge.


Here are some of the key benefits to becoming a Local 292 signatory contractor:

  • Flexible help – Having the help you need when you need it saves you money on labor costs. Our members are available when you need them, for as long as you need them, even in cities where you don’t usually do business. When you are done, their employment concludes or you can move them to another job. No recruitment or advertising. No time wasted chasing and interviewing. No “trying them out for a week or two.” We can put skilled, qualified workers on your doorstep in less than 24 hours, every time.
  • Training – We spend more than $200,000 every year training contractor employees and provide over 96,000 training hours. We have a training center that is provided to the contractor and workforce at no charge.
  • Welding – Our training center has multiple American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI’s) with the capability of certifying welders in many processes and applications. Our current membership contains approximately 85 certified welders with over 300 certifications in GMAW, SMAW, FCAW and GTAW.
  • Lower safety-related costs – Our training programs stress the connection between safety and competitiveness. Our members put safety first every time, which means you save on comp costs, downtime costs, and absenteeism costs.
  • Productivity – Higher productivity means higher profits. Local 292 members understand the balance between quantity and quality. That means no rework. That means on-time and on-budget. That means no unskilled hands.
  • Moneymakers – Every contractor has his money-makers; maybe one or two out of every six workers. We can at least double that number. How much more money would you make with twice the number of money-makers?
  • Employee assistance – We are committed to the wellbeing of all our members and offer trained assistance to anyone in need so you can stay focused on running your business. We have counseled and/or assisted with substance abuse, divorce, grief, depression, financial hardships, etc.
  • Supervision – How long does it take you to develop a good foreman or superintendent? How much money does it cost you along the way? One of the most common reasons companies like yours becomes union contractors is that they want to grow. We can provide qualified supervision. If you could add two foremen and crews next year, how much would that add to your bottom line?
  • Business Opportunities The ability to develop business relationships with our larger signatory contractors through our partnerships and align your company at the forefront of sub-contracting opportunities.


  • No benefits administration costs – one-stop solution
  • Savings from using apprentices and classified workers at much lower rates, lowering your overall crew costs.
  • Lower turnover, as most of our members are in it for a career and not just a job.


Things that you used to hear about unions may have included:

  • Loss of control of your business.
  • Unable to terminate someone’s employment.
  • Protection of bad workers.

Those days have been over for many years! All of our contractors maintain the right to refuse or terminate employment of any member who they feel does not meet their expectations. We have to be a proactive business partner with a modern view of meeting your operational and economic needs.

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