In order to received SUB payments, proof of unemployment payment must be received by the SUB-fund office.  You can send your information to:

Acceptable proofs of payment are:

  • Certification page from MiWAM account
  • Copy of direct deposit to bank account

The proof of payment MUST show the dates for which you have been paid.  If this information is not clearly denoted, your SUB payment may be delayed


UIA deposit $300.00 being paid for week 3.22 – 3.28

UIA deposit $300.00 being paid for week 3.29 – 4.4

Once an acceptable proof of payment has been received at the SUB-fund, they will issue and mail  your SUB check.

The 4 Plus Member Program

The “4-plus” member program is for any Local 292 member who has achieved four (or more) welding certifications. These certifications can be in any welding process (GMAW, FCAW, SMAW or GTAW). Members who qualify will receive a shirt (one shirt for every four certs) with the 4plus-white-bg small iconlogo, along with hard hat stickers and bragging rights.

If you would like to be a “4-plus” member contact your Local 292 Training Center at:

313-623-9390 (Dave).      Click link for member list!

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