Dear Brothers & Sisters:

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Local 292 wants to keep our membership informed of both the symptoms of the virus and the additional benefits that may be available to each of you and your dependents.

  • BCBSM – COVID 19 testing is covered with no cost sharing, no copayment and no co-insurance or deductible. You can also access doctors online at instead of going to an office visit with no copay.
  • Envision RX – Refill limits are being waived for 30 day prescription refills on maintenance medications.
  • Ulliance – The Employee Assistance Program is always available, 24 hours per day, should you or any of your dependents require assistance handling the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and feel the need to speak with a professional. 800.448.8326
  • Useful apps for information:

Blue 365

Call Doc MD

On March 16, Governor Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-10.  This Executive Order, effective until April 14, 2020, expands unemployment benefits.  In summary, it provides:

  • Individuals will be entitled to unemployment benefits if they leave work because of:
    • Self-quarantine in response to an elevated risk from COVID-19 due to being immunocompromised
    • Symptoms of COVID-19
    • Having contact in the last 14 days with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, or
    • Family care responsibility as a result of a government directive (e.g. care for children while schools are closed)
  • Leaving work for the above conditions, voluntarily or involuntarily, will be deemed a layoff.
  • If the only reason that these individuals are staying home is fear of the coronavirus, they will not qualify for unemployment benefits under Governor Whitmer’s directive.
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